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ORTHODONTICS - Type of Braces

Self-ligating brackets are gaining a reputation for producing a faster and more efficient end result than traditional braces. The combination of these brackets and high-tech orthodontic wires produces better, more reliable results in fewer visits. This metal twin bracket uses a special built-in clip that places gentle pressure on the orthodontic wire to move the teeth. 
Clear ceramic (porcelain) braces are becoming a popular option among our patients as well. Clear braces are much less visible than other types of brackets, especially when coupled with white wires, but they also are less durable, which means that treatment can take a little longer. The wires’ Teflon coating means that they only can be used at certain times during treatment. If you’re a bit concerned about the appearance of braces, by all means ask about this option when you visit us.
Traditional metal braces are the first choice for most patients. These braces usually are the most durable and tend to move the teeth most efficiently, resulting in shorter treatment time. Metal braces are now available in a miniature variety in order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing option to patients.
Lingual braces are fixed almost invisibly to the inside of the teeth. However, these braces are only suitable for certain specific problems. Because of the technical difficulty of fitting, they’re more expensive than other types of braces.